Automation users, vendors, and industry consultants agree: the control system for the digital revolution must be open, secure, and powerful. With over 100 patents to date, only Bedrock Open Secure Automation (OSA®) meets all these criteria today with breakthrough innovation delivering industry-leading open control, cyber security, and performance that saves customers time and money. Made in the USA.

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Bedrock Automation Products

Bedrock Automation Solutions Are:


One controller for every conceivable application and size of control task. Ladder, Batch, Continuous, or Multivariable control from one device supporting as little as ten, or as many as thousands of I/O per controller.


An unprecedented automation architecture with unlimited scalability from tens to tens of thousands of I/O using less than a dozen system part numbers.


All traditional industrial control systems are vulnerable to multiple forms of cyber-attack, IP, and counterfeiting theft. Black Fabric®

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