Our Story

Autochim Systems provides the strategic deployment of the latest and relevant technologies/services from leading/innovative international companies to solve the most critical challenges of our clients and create economic and social value for the UAE. With over 25 years of experience, Autochim Systems is a pioneer of industrial automation in Abu Dhabi and the Middle East. With a proven track record of successful market introduction of over 15 brands/companies providing the latest and most disruptive technologies into the region, it is well regarded that Autochim Systems has spearheaded positive disruption and process optimization for more than 2 ½ decades.

In addition to our unique abilities to identify the appropriate innovations that address the challenges of our clients locally/regionally, our in-house capabilities range from various engineering services including field services, design services, light manufacturing/assembly, and integration.

Since 1996 Autochim has successfully protected your facilities, workforce, and infrastructure as well as optimized the lifetime of your key assets. Our international partners and engineering team have consistently listened to your needs to deliver control and safety systems of the highest.

For over 25 years Autochim Systems has fulfilled its vision by becoming the partner of choice throughout the region for the modernization of industrial facilities.

The UAE has become a global economic powerhouse and a country renowned for its authenticity, ambition, and hospitality, and much of this remarkable progress has been made possible by the development of our communities.

Autochim Systems is committed to be aligned with Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 and the global UAE vision that aims to make the UAE among the best countries in the world.

Certification, Awards & Recognitions

ISO 9001:2015 Certified (by Bureau Veritas) – Engineering, Design, Integration, Supply, Installation and Servicing of Safety,
Automation, Telemetry and Power Distribution Systems

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    In order to best serve our customers, we have a Systems Integration facility dedicated to assembly, integration and testing, which is
    located closely to one of Abu Dhabi’s major ports – Mina Zayed

    Health, Safety & Environment Policy

    Autochim Systems Abu Dhabi is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees and ensuring that all its activities are conducted in a manner that will have no impact on the environment.

    We strongly believe all accidents are preventable and no task could justify risking an injury to people or damage to property or environment.

    We are committed to achieving Autochim Systems’ HSE Objective of “ZERO HARM” to People, Assets and Environment, by adopting and implementing the following guiding principles:
    • Effective HSE Management is a critical foundation for achieving excellence in our business environment.
    • The Company General Management ensures the implementation of this Policy by providing the needed resources, and continuously reviewing to improve performance.
    • Line Managers are responsible and accountable for diligently discharging their HSE roles and responsibilities and demonstrating correct HSE behaviors.
    • Adequate training is provided as required, to ensure Company staff are competent in maintaining safe systems of work.
    • Customers are provided with products and services that meet or exceed their HSE requirements, in compliance with all applicable Standards and Regulations.
    • Company ensures its suppliers and sub-contractors maintain the same high HSE Standards.
    • A Company HSE culture is promoted to ensure that all employees are engaged to contribute in the elimination of workplace hazards, substandard practices, and unsafe behaviors.
    • Company complies with the applicable legal requirements it subscribes to; and
    • Company strives to continually improve its systems by means of audit and periodic reviews.
    Maurice Sakr Founding Partner & CEO

    Quality Policy

    Autochim Systems Abu Dhabi is committed to supply Safety and Automation Systems and Services with the highest quality to customers and other interested parties to fully meet or exceed their expectations.

    To achieve the above mentioned goals, Autochim Systems Abu Dhabi commits to:
    • Strive to provide the highest level of performance both in terms of manpower and after completion services.
    • Implement, maintain and register an effective Quality Management System that complies with ISO 9001:2015 International Standard, other applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
    • Establish specific Quality Objectives at relevant functions and levels. And measure them periodically as a key performance indicator for its strategic objective to maintain high quality standard.
    • Work closely with clients to ensure all products and services conform with their requirements and up to their satisfaction.
    • Develop staff competencies by providing appropriate training programs, resources and showing strong management involvement.
    • Review the Context of organization and supports its strategic direction.
    • Promote Risks and Opportunities based thinking across the company.
    • Develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with all its stakeholders; including customers, suppliers and employees.
    • Ensure that this policy is issued, understood and communicated to all employees.

    This policy will be reviewed on yearly or need basis by the top management for continual improvement of quality management system. It will available to interested parties, upon responsible request.
    Founding Partner & CEO