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Explosion-proof, mobile communication devices from our principal i.safe MOBILE enable you to exchange information safely under critical conditions. With our robust mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets, you are on the safe side both in potentially explosive atmospheres and in harsh outdoor environments. All devices are certified to IP68 and are therefore dust and water-resistant. Furthermore, they comply with the military standard MIL-STD 810G. The high-temperature resistance enables reliable operation even in extreme situations.

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International Certifications

The ATEX product directive applies in the European Union and the iecex standard internationally. The approvals of our Ex devices are based on these standards and they are the basis for further country-specific approvals. In addition, you will find Ex devices that meet the worldwide regulations of American and Asian countries as well as Russia and are approved according to the standards applicable there.

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Comfortable Operation

All i.safe MOBILE devices are based on the Android operating system, are equipped with technical standards such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and offer a wide range of additional functions. These include individually assignable buttons, the SOS button, preparation for Push-to-Talk and Loneworker Protection (LWP), amplified loudspeakers, Near Field Communication (NFC), or displays that can be operated with gloves.

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