Senseven developed a new way of nondestructive equipment testing by transforming smartphones into smart and mobile inspection solutions.

Its digital solution Valve Sense is a software-based inspection system that enables you to test valves for inner leakage quickly and easily.

It connects an acoustic emission sensor to the Ex 1/21 smartphone IS 540.1 from MOBILE  which is equipped with the Senseven App.

The Senseven software guides the user through the inspection process, automatically detects leaks, provides an estimation of the leak rate and offers a structured data management. The inspection of a valve can be done within one minute without expert knowledge.

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Valve Sense Product


Experience for yourself how simple the inspection process can be with the Valve Sense Click Demo.

If you would like to see Valve Sense live, visit us in our showroom in Abu Dhabi or arrange a field test on your site.

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