Our principal Hammertech provides an innovative and low-cost multiphase fraction and salinity meter (AquaFieldTM) which can be installed on each well to measure water contents, gas fraction, and salinity. Measurement Outputs from the AquaField:

  • Water Liquid Ratio % (water-cut)
  • Water Fraction %
  • Gas Fraction %
  • Oil Fraction %
  • Salinity

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Hammertech Product

The Aquafield™

First low-cost wellhead multiphase meter. The bridge between the conventional solutions (Water cut and multiphase meters).
Downscaled and simplified measurement in multiphase flow
  • No PVT input needed – PVT independent
  • Low CAPEX – low installation cost
  • Low OPEX – low maintenance cost: plug & play, no calibration, no inputs / updates, no cleaning
  • Simple single-sensor unit
  • Simplified multiphase metering: Water content (Water Fraction and Water Liquid Ratio / Water Cut), Gas Fraction and Water Conductivity (salinity)
  • Online trending of individual well stream water liquid ratio and salinity in multiphase flow
Robust, innovative and simple design
  • Combining advanced physics with smart, low-cost design
  • No radioactive elements and no moving parts
  • Small and lightweight (<30 kg)

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