Customers rely on REXA Electraulic™ Actuation where process uptime, throughput and plant safety are top concerns. We provide customer-specific actuator configurations to meet the most challenging application demands. Our actuators and drives deliver unparalleled performance and reliability without a costly and time-consuming maintenance routine. 

REXA actuators can fit any application in a wide variety of industries with measurable results in just the first few hours of operation!

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Surge Control

Process upset conditions may require an actuator to make a large and fast position change beyond the speed capability of the standard Electraulic™ Power Module. REXA Actuators equipped with a spring or accumulator can utilize the stored energy within the fail-safe system to provide these large step, high-speed position changes. The Surge Control feature enables these rapid step changes to any position within the actuator’s calibrated stroke or rotation. Tuning parameters, accessed through the display and keypad, allow the user to define exactly when, and under what conditions, the feature is enabled.

  • Catch upset conditions to avoid trips
  • Fast, large position changes
  • Bidirectional surge capability (accumulator systems)
  • Minimal deadtime

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