SIGRIST-PHOTOMETER AG, with its roots and headquarters in Ennetbürgen in Switzerland, has been developing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality optical measuring instruments for use in the fields of water treatment, food industry, industrial processes as well as traffic and environment since 1946. The company is one of the technology and quality leaders and sells its products in more than 80 countries. With great commitment, its 85 employees contribute to the sustainable positive development of the company and its value-based culture.

The wide network of sales and service partners provides competent advice worldwide and supports customers in the practical use and service of all SIGRIST products and systems.

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SIGRIST turbidimeters TurbiGuard were chosen, with a connection to the control unit SICON M. These instruments supply EBC turbidity values which can be compared with those measured in the laboratory and cover a measuring range of up to 1000 EBC. This ensures smooth operation of the separator particularly during turbidity peaks from fresh fermentation tanks. SIGRIST TurbiGuards hardly need to be serviced.

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