World’s First Zone 1 Certified Smartwatch

IS-SW1.1 enables organisations to successfully deploy the connected worker philosophy for improved productivity and safety at hazardous locations. IS-SW1.1 Smart watch is the first wearable device approved for Zone 1(ATEX, IECEx) application that comes with a slew of features to complement the usage of the smart/feature phones.

Use cases:

✔️ Enables real-time tracking of Vital signs(Heart Rate Monitor, SPO2-Oxygen level, etc.) for field workers. During the hot summer months, heat stress is a common phenomenon in most GCC countries. Having a tool to monitor worker health parameters enables companies to have a proactive approach to providing quick support for those in need and avoiding accidents in work areas. 

✔️ SOS Button: The panic button can be configured to trigger alarms and help those who need immediate support. Tailor-made applications can provide GPS coordinates to track the SOS source.

✔️ NFC:- NFC feature will be helpful for access control, transaction gateways etc., and will be handy for secure information exchange.

✔️Notifications:-Smart watch can display notifications; workers need not take the paired smartphones from the holster to see any urgent messages and this will help them to continue doing the work without any interruptions.

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